Vancouver 17th - 27th March

Having no idea what to write my first blog about I figured why not begin on one of my most enjoyable and recent trips to Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver is the furthest away from home I’ve been so far, although I was there for work and therefore did not get to explore as much as I’d like it was one of the most eye opening, breath taking places I’ve visited and I can’t wait to go back later this year in September.

Arriving after a total of 23 hours, in which there was a 2 hour stop in Hong Kong, China and arriving to a 15hour time lag from Perth, Western Australia. I was tired, grumpy, in desperate need of a shower but completely enamoured with the scenery of the reletively small, chilly city. The horizon is snow topped mountains and deep blue ocean.
Adjusting to the difference in weather was something I hadn’t anticipated. Leaving our Australian summer, of which we had recently seen 48oC days and 30oC nights to the canadian “Fall” which has 9oC days and minus 0oC nights was (while difficult) completely worth it.

Enough of my love affair with Vancouver. The reason we were able to visit such an enigmatic city was to support and photograph up-and-coming Australian label The Green Embassy ( who were showing in Vancouver Fashion Week.
Australias first internationally recognised, organically certified fashion label which is headed by one of the most inspirational women I’ve ever had the pleasure to call my friend/mentor Zuhal Kuvan-Mills. The Green Embassy believes that sustainability should be at the heart of the fashion industry and is environmentally and socially conscious. Both GOTS and NASAA certified they’re subject to annual testing and the raw materials used to produce the fabric in Green Embassy’s collections are ethically sourced or grown and harvested at Zuhal’s own home; which is an organic alpaca farm located in the outskirts of Perth, Western Australia.

More on Green Embassy and Vancouver Fashion Week later. Alex and I were free to roam Vancouver city by day and work by night.
After VFW had wrapped up we were left with one free day to head out of the city and really see what Vancouver had to offer. I must confess my goal was to see snow up close, we intended to head up to the slopes and spend a day skiing. However life got in the way and because of the thick snow and rain we were advised to instead visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge. We took such advise and despite the rain and the cold the beauty of Canada’s rain forests had me infatuated. Over-grown ferns and moss covered trees which were hundreds of years old. The bridge itself ran overhead of a small river. It looks like something from national geographic, you almost expect a bear to come out at any moment and start fishing.

I hope to one day live in Canada. Vancouver, you won me over.

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